This place invites you to relax your five senses and spend a special time with the best amenities and treatments. A place that has been specially designed to pamper your body and soul.

To make your stay even more perfect and harmonious, we invite you to experience our services.


  • Sauna: dry heat bath in high temperature with low humidity, for therapeutic purposes.
  • Finnish bath (steam): wet heat bathing results in skin cleanse and moisturizing, which keeps your skin smooth and healthy.
  • Relaxation room/Treatments: we combine manual techniques with natural essences to provide unique relaxation services, as well as anti-stress, beauty and rejuvenation treatments.
  • Heated swimming pool: Heated swimming pool only available in winter season, whirlpool bath incorporated and direct exit from the Spa. Perfect for relaxing while enjoying the views of the lake, the city and the valley.

Relaxation treatments

  • Anti-stress relaxing massage: a smooth and relieving body massage will release physical discomfort, filling all your body with a pleasant sense of mental and corporal well-being.
  • Warm stone massage: hese stones hold sun and earth energy, which harmonizes the nervous system, relieving pain and easing up blood circulation.
  • Ayurveda massage: an Indian massage which aims to create harmonious balance of your nervous, respiratory, circulatory, and immunologic system. Unblocking your energy flow will make you find a great inner peace and tranquility.

Natural beauty


In each treatment we use the best available products in order to obtain the excellent results.

Facial treatments

  • Glimmering light: restoring humidity and luminosity. Use of moisturizing beauty face masks and lifting creams, penetrating with soft relaxing massages.
  • Refreshing aqua-facial: classic European facial treatment that moisturizes and cleans deeply your face at the same time, soothing masks and multivitamins are used.

Body treatments

  • Geo-therapy: earth healing power which works directly on your circulatory lymphatic system. It has slimming effects, and it also provides your skin with excellent minerals.
  • Lymphatic Spa with cold bandages: Draining massages. This technique helps to activate blood circulation, it eliminates toxins and retained fluids, and it oxygenates blood.
  • Microdermabrasion and nutrition: skin polishing which brightens the skin and leaves it smooth and clear, and moisturizing through soft massages.

Special offers

  • Offer 1: Microdermabrasion and nutrition + Anti-stress relaxing massage $300 ARS60 minutes lasting
  • Offer 2: Facial cleanse + Ayurveda facial massage $280 ARS60 minutes lasting
  • Offer 3: Anti-stress relaxing decontructing massage + reflexology $300 ARS60 minutes lasting
  • Offer 4: Reducting circuit + Geo-therapy $280 ARS60 minutes lasting
  • Offer 5: Rejuvenating circuit + Reflexology $ 290 ARS60 minutes lasting
  • Offer 6: Anti-stress relaxing decontructing massage + Glimmering light $290.00 ARS60 minutes lasting