Grupo Pinares has established a Sustainable Development Policy aimed at reducing environmental impact derived from our activity and improving eco- efficiency. Encouraging the responsible use of resources as well as preserving biodiversity and historic cultural heritage in our surroundings are our main goals. We are looking forward to spreading our commitment among our collaborators and our visitors and therefore improving the quality of life

Sustainability Policy

  • Reducing environmental impact derived from our activity by applying practices which seek to decrease pollution, improving eco-efficiency and the responsible use of resources.
  • Complying with current applicable laws concerning biodiversity and historic cultural heritage preservation, as well as health and safety laws.
  • Encouraging our collaborators to share our commitment and to foster their own development, by training them and providing an environment of mutual respect and open communication.
  • Achieving high efficiency in our environmental management system through unstopping improvements.
  • Disseminate our sustainable management commitment among our collaborators, clients and suppliers.
  • Spreading among our visitors regional culture through gastronomy and tourist information.